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  1. How to gain Church Fundraising Ideas
    Treat your fundraiser as a business event. Advertise it on Christian Business Directories and send letters to Christian owned businesses.

  2. How to Write a Church Mission Statement
    Learn how to write a great church mission statement that galvanizes your church and focuses your members on accomplishing common goals.

  3. Three Steps to Getting Your Church Online
    Many churches don't have websites simply because no one knows the process to obtain a website. They fear the unknown but today we will demystify website hosting and website design. I am going to make it very easy to understand with only three simple steps.

  4. 6 Steps To Pay-Per-Click Church Marketing
    Search engines have quickly become the new Yellow Pages. According to some studies I saw last year from PewOnline, more than 65% of people looking for information, a product, a business, or a church start by doing an online search. That means that being listed in the search engines is more important than being in the phonebook (though Id do both). Pay-per-click is a quick and easy way to get in the search engines.

  5. Grants For Churches & Non-Profit Groups
    When your organization seeks more funding to help with your charitable works, you'll want to obtain a 501(c)(3) status so that you can write grants for funds that will only go to registered non-profit organizations.

  6. Tips for Planning a Baby Baptism Party and Designing Baptism Invitations
    In the Catholic and Protestant faiths, newborns are anointed with holy water and blessed by the church clergy. In the catholic religion, the baptism serves to wash away original sin. In some protestant faiths, the baby is dedicated to the church.

  7. Evangelicals Debate Global Warming
    For Earth Day, observers weigh in on the Evangelical Climate Initiative, a program that began as a frustrated response to the National Association of Evangelicals' reluctance to adopt a position on global warming. The initiative hopes to motivate evangelicals to be more Earth-friendly and use their political clout to influence environmental policy.

  8. Basketball and Jesus
    A church sports program can be helpful in building Godly character traits in the players.

  9. The Top 5 Reasons to Leave Your Church
    How to know if your church is God's church.

  10. Is Your Church Social? Part 7: Facebook Give your church a Face lift
    If you are a person (and most of us are) you can create a Facebook profile to reconnect with old friends, stay in touch with family and friends and meet new people online. Churches, on the other hand, cannot create a profile as profiles are restricted to individuals. Churches have to create a Facebook Page which works a little differently than a profile.

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